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Run Behavior-Driven Development tests inside a CLI Bddx

What is BDDx?

  • Write tests in Gherkin, Cucumber's simply structured plain-text language
  • Upload BDD test files in bulk,
  • Run tests to execute them line by line for all your files
  • Get a detailed summary on what failed and why
  • Failed tests can be made to automatically result in a Jira task or Github issue to automate the fixing process


GitHub package.json version (subfolder of monorepo) GitHub package.json version (subfolder of monorepo)

CLI commands:

Installation and initialization

to install:npm i bddx
to initialize BDDx (with optional Jira integration):npx bddx init
to initialize only BDDx Jira integration without changing the basic configuration:npx bddx jiraInit
to check if the Jira API token is working correctly1 :npx bddx checkToken

1If there's a problem with the loop BDDx will ask the user to provide the correct token value

Config file

After initializing the config file contains:

  "in": "./bddx/tests",
  "out": "./bddx/results",

or when Jira is integrated:

   "in": "./bddx/tests",
   "out": "./bddx/results",
    "organizationName": "",
    "projectName": "ProjectName",
    "issueTypeName": "TASK"
  • in: string - input folder with the test files, (default: "./bddx/tests")
  • out: string - output folder where the test result files are saved, (default: "./bddx/results")

The e-mail and Jira API token are saved locally on the machine to ensure safety!

Running tests

to run all .feature tests and save results in a file in the output directory:npx bddx
to run all .feature tests and create a task for each failed one on the configured Jira:npx bddx jira
to select an unfinished session and continue tests from there (you will also be asked about Jira):npx bddx continue

Readme CORE


  • 2 test scenarios: display test & pass or fail test
  • Jira plugin
  • GitHub plugin
  • Checkpoint system for restarting BDD testing from a saved point

Behavior driven testing CLI