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BDDX: Automatic BDD Tester

Use our behavior driven development CLI to automate your entire BDD testing process

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Jira & GitHub integrations

Failed tests can be made to automatically result in a Jira task or Github issue to automate the entire process from detection to fixing.

Write in Gherkin

Write tests in Gherkin, Cucumber’s simply structured plain-text language.

Simple bulk testing

Upload files, run tests and save results to a file. Upload tests in bulk to get results for all of them with a detailed summary.



Streamline the testing process

Use BDD testing to easily detect every error

Bddx Tester

Deciding to what extent a product can be accepted based on end-user needs and approval.

Bdd Tests

Reasearching and deciding on acceptance criteria based on product type, features, target audience, market and other factors

Bdd Testing

Optimizing the time and resources it takes to run tests needed to validate and ensure that the new patterns or behaviors are compatible with the system.


What is BDD Testing?

Behavior-Driven Development

BDD is a software development approach that involves defining the behavior of a system through examples expressed in a natural language syntax. These examples, called "scenarios," describe the expected behavior of the system in various circumstances and can be used to validate that the system is functioning correctly.

BDD Testing

BDD focuses on the behavior of the system from the perspective of the end user, rather than the internal implementation of the system. This allows the development team to better understand the needs and expectations of the users and to design and build a system that meets those needs.


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Automate the whole process

Testing your app has never been easier

Simple CLI

Use our CLI to write BDD tests for your team.

Checkpoint system

Stop your test any time and resume it later from that exact point.

Test templates

Take advantage of our test templates to check out how everything works.

Behavior driven testing CLI