Welcome to the BDDx Automatic BDD Tester documentation. On this site you can find information and guides on how you can get the most out of BDDX.

Basic Flow

  1. Create a project on BDDX CLoud
  2. Generate API Key
  3. Use BDDX CLI to run & create your bdd tests inside the repository
  4. After each run upload results to the cloud

This way Project managers can create Github/Gitlab/JIRA issues out of defects spotted by bdd tester.

Why use BDDx as your BDD test creator & runner?

BDDx is a simple and free tool for creating and running BDD tests. It lets anyone create and run BDD tests in bulk automating the whole testing process and simplifying error detection and handling. All it requires is the browser and some tests to run and you can make sure your application functions just like it should. You can upload as many tests as you need and use the checkpoint system to get through them, stopping and restarting from any point you like. On completion you'll get a file with a summary detailing what failed and why.

Why use BDDx as a team?

BDDx has a simple Jira integration, which automatically creates Jira tasks for failed tests with simple information detailing what went wrong. With this your team can automate both the BDD testing process and resolving detected issues as well.

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